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Do you have bulk demands once the samples? i’ll revisit to you as early as doable.



fishing magnet

Thanks for the fast reply, the magnet shapes are a 1 off purchase. You solely need enough for the image at thwas stage. Thanks for the photos, the design sort of a top quality product. You might wish to order these please. however do You am going regarding this, does not not one have bank details that You will pay to? If thus may you let ME knowledge to put associate order?

Germany rare-earth element Magnet Limited:

magnet ring

he received your payment. Thanks for your prompt action. we’ll prepare the assembly consequently. The dimension on your drawing magnets neodymiumisn’t clear enough. I’d higher check it with you as connected. If any queries, please allow us to apprehend.

magnet neodymium

magnet fishing


Yes those dimensions are correct. have you ever detected any longer on the axial cylinders yet?

Germany rare-earth element Magnet Limited:

Regarding the special formed cylinder, our technician aforesaid some dimension information are unable to be detected in 3 dimensional drawing. does not not one have assembly half matching thwas permanent magnet?

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